The electronic high-end fuse

The aim is perfection

The products from EFUSE GmbH are born from a passion for maximum-fidelity playback and giving your equipment the best possible protection. These aims are achieved using specially developed wiring concepts and only the very best components.


Our innovative electronic fuse EFUSE supports much better playback while also offering greatly improved protection for your equipment and satisfying the highest design standards.

Alle Bauteile werden nach Möglichkeit überdimensioniert, um auch bezüglich Zuverlässigkeit und Haltbarkeit Maßstäbe zu setzen. So entstehen Produkte, die sich durch Liebe zum Detail, höchste Wiedergabetreue und Beständigkeit auszeichnen.

Wherever possible, all components have been oversized to ensure they set new standards in terms of reliability and durability. This ensures that products exhibit the best possible fidelity and resilience.